i discovered what oatmeal was last week and it’s the most amazing thing ever literally the only reason i get up in the morning is to eat it why does no one talk about it on here its the best food ive had in my life

HOW DO I CONTACT MY CRUSH it is urgent i need to talk to him and he needs to be amazing so i can fall in love with him stat because in my current overly romantic state i am reverting back to fuckboys who don’t deserve the time of day. these are crucial times my friends

i have 50+ movies on my list but when it comes to watching one i am always reverting to confessions of a shopaholic, john tucker must die,  some kind of wonderful and the like it’s a Curse

what happened @ shredded cheese post here….

i was litsening to son by warpaint when i saw the picture and then i laughed out loud really fuckig hard and then immediately returned to solemnly swaying with my eyes closed im so amused with myself 


nobody expects the spanish inquisition


nobody expects the spanish inquisition



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can’t i be desirable to anyone at all also how do i pin down my crush and talk to him i am Too in love


business skeleton master post